5 Nov 2006

World of Soft Toys, Soft Skills, Software

The World of All Things Soft
toys, skills, ware

(Wow!...this is an oldie... I've always had a soft spot for a furry toy...or maybe I was just perched on a teddy at the time.)

Pic by Alan Crumlish

SOFT TOYS spooky stuff

It all began with a photo-shoot...surrounded by toys for a publicity pic and before I knew it, I was hooked...or so many other people led me to believe.

I started with a very small lucky charm in the shape of a mini teddy, then someone spotted it in my dressing room at the theatre and in their infinite wisdom, decided to add to my collection. My boudoir then over-flowed with oodles of little furry folks. The removal of these invaders became more difficult as time went by, as they seemed to develop a life of their own...I went through a period when I believed everything had Karma. (I practiced Buddhism for over 3 years in my 30s)...I suppose I also gave into the soft-toy theory of harping back to childhood...free from responsibility...when all was simple, soft and warm. I'm better now!

Say it as nature intended
Why can we not just hold onto the courage and
confidence we were born with?

There have been many quotes over the years about walking and talking...this is a favourite adaptation and I use it often in my coaching work "We spend the first 12 months of our lives, learning how to walk and talk...and the next 12 years being told to sit down and shut up".Is it any wonder, so many of us never recover the sense of our own personal value.

SOFTWARE oh! ware have you gone
Finally...on the software issue...what baffles me is...how can individuals get so much pleasure out of infecting others with a virus???...surely it will most certainly be a case of what goes around comes around (did I mention I was a Buddhist in my 30s?) Goodness knows we get enough hassle from the bloomin' anti-virus companies!!! I downloaded some updates for McAfee recently and my lap-top nearly drowned...I would surf for a site...it would go under...then it would go phishing...then it would come up against a wall of fire...and in the meantime I would shower, make a cuppa, eat a choc and still the end was not in SITE!

Right! that does it...I'm off to see if I can find a decent security system other than McAfee...there's a couple I have in mind, other than Norton.

SecurityShield or
ZoneAlarm ...all suggestions are welcome.

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