9 Jan 2007

Terry Neason sings Whole of The Moon LIVE

A LIVE one for 2007...Whole of The Moon...and climate change.

I do hope you had fabulous fun-filled frolics over the festive season. I enjoyed happy times and headed to the land of my birth, Scotland...it was a pity about the New Year parties being shelved, because of the weather, but hey! that's El Nino for you... El Nino causes climactic havoc every 7 years apparently...plus a wee bit of Global Warming thrown in..oh! and let's not forget, we also have the affects of La Nina to contend with.
El Niño
is characterized by unusually warm ocean temperatures in the Equatorial Pacific.
La Niña is characterized by unusually cold ocean temperatures in the Equatorial Pacific.

I'm rambling, so here's the amazing classic by Mike Scott, The Whole of the Moon...oh! and speaking of which, the moon also has an affect on things...DOH!...THE SONG.

Please check out Mike Scott and The Waterboys at : http://www.mikescottwaterboys.com/