5 Aug 2015

Confidence Course for Women

Confidence Course for Women

London, Sunday, 23 August 2015     

Venue: metroLAB, 5 Crowndale Road, Camden, London NW1 1TU

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My Body And Me provides Professional & Personal Development Training Courses  exclusively for Women in London, Glasgow and Milton Keynes UK.


Confidence Building Courses in London

Confidence Building for Women in London 

  NEW! London, SUN, 23 August 2015

Women's Workshop with Terry Neason of TLC Powertalk

Build confidence     Improve self esteem      Improve relationships     Feel motivated

No-one is beyond self improvement. Developing positive self esteem and expressing confidence and clear communication is key to your success, happiness and progress in life. Take this time to own your little corner of the universe... you deserve it.

Venue: metroLAB, 5 Crowndale Road, Camden, NW1 1TU

"This was a terrific experience which was fun, unique and I took from it new tools which have helped deflect negativity, improve relations and be more productive in the modern workplace."  Helen MacDonald MCMI, Community Pharmacy Business Manager, NHS

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