17 Oct 2007

Terry Neason - Career change after 25 years? I did


I realise that when we get to a certain stage in our lives, it can seem like an uphill struggle, changing the habits of a lifetime. But I never fancied being a GOW (grumpy old woman) as I'm sure none of you gentlemen out there, fancy being a GOM.

I changed career after 25 years. The roar of the grease-paint and the smell of the crowd ceased to turn me on anymore. Because I was unhappy in my work, I would be unhappy in my home,,,and full circle again, I would be unhappy in my work and so it went on.
The obvious choice was to change career and hold onto my core values...so I did!

Ok, I know I was in a lucky position of not having kids or dependents, so I could afford to walk close to the edge, but the thought was still scary. I couldn't eat my furniture, so I had to think of a new earner.
People and communication being my passion, I started my own communication coaching business, TLC Powertalk and the rest is...the future!
Friends, fans and relatives thought I was being a foolish meanie, not singing anymore. The hate mail started arriving ha! ha!...So now that I have a positive mind-set, I perform now and again, which is good for the soul, as well as my inbox...I post music videos...so everyone's happy...but most importantly...I AM HAPPY!!!

My advice...if you can persuade the family and friends to support you, don't be bogged down emotionally and frozen with fear, at the thought of change. You are and will always be, your own best asset. Change after 25 years??? You can bet your sweet butt-cheeks DO IT!

Here's a small video rant:
Publicity pics from previous shows, are by my good friend :Alan Crumlish