29 Oct 2014

SILVER DARLINGS - Terry Neason original song

Silver Darlings 
song written by Terry Neason & Mark Stevens

Silver Darlings is the affectionate name given to Herring by those who fished for them.
Was inspired to co-write Silver Darlings after years of touring the Highlands & Islands of my homeland, Scotland. Being a city girl fro Glasgow, it was an emotional experience to be in a smaller community midst their family and friends waiting for the fishing boats to return during stormy weather. There were some who never came home...

Also a classic Award winning book by Neil M Gunn - The Silver Darlings


Image and Info sourced from : Pinterest

Biff Smith, a retired Girvan fisherman who took up painting late in life - completely untaught.The painting depicts a pair of ringnetters off the Ballantrae Banks after the herring. A fishing method of the past.