30 Jul 2009

Hermie Longalong Band & Terry Neason in Concert 28th August 2009

Terry Neason &
The Hermie Longalong Band

in Concert with a fantastic line-up...
including guitarist Paul Henderson

Community Benefit for Charities
Breakthrough Breast Cancer Scotland &
The British Heart Foundation Scotland

Friday, 28th August 2009 at 7:30 Hamilton Townhouse
This is Hermie Longalong's first fundraising Concert and I was delighted when he asked me to Host it for him. Hermie has put together a great line-up of talented musicians and performers.

All proceeds from profits will go to the two charities.

Here's a blast from the past, when Hermie and Paul were playing along side me in the Terry Neason Band. This version of Lady Madonna by the Beatles, was inspired and played on this video, by the late great Neil Hay on bass. I was also joined by Jim Hannah and Gordon Dougall:keyboards and Mike Travis on drums. These guys are blazing!!!

Hermie: saxaphones
Paul Henderson: guitar
Gino Ciancio:piano/keyboard
Bill Fleming: keyboard
Sandro Ciancio: drums/percussion
Ryan Gallagher: drums
Martin Henderson: bass guitar

Thank you to these performers
-and to all the local Business people who will contribute
Graham Duffin:Wet Wet Wet guitarist
Moira Kerr: Folk singer/writer with Jamie Campbell on keyboard
George Rodger: Gypsy Band
Strathaven Academy Choir
Heather McCloud: violin
Holy Cross High School Band
The Jive Dancers
Tom Reilly/Simon Harris guitar

Tickets £10 & £8
01698 452299

BREAKTHROUGH Breast Cancer Scotland
Breakthrough Breast Cancer has set up the first and only dedicated breast cancer research unit in Scotland. We are trying to develop more personalised treatments for people with the disease so there is a better chance of success.
Breast Cancer affects one in nine women at some point in their lives
Around 4000 women a year are diagnosed in Scotland
Around 1000 women a year in Scotland die from the disease.

THE British Heart Foundation Scotland
We are the largest, independent funder of heart research in Scotland and we currently spending over £25 million.

We play an important role in funding education and teaching the public and health professionals.

BHFS also provide life-saving cardiac equipment and provide support for heart patients through our BHF Scotland Heart Nurses.

8 Jul 2009

Twitter Tweet Life is Sweet

Twitter Tweet Life is Sweet

What am I doing? The Birdie Song! Learning, laughing and loving it.

Time management will probably fly out the window, however, there's a wealth of inspirational items of excellence, interest and intrigue to be had out there.

19 Jun 2009

Professional Public Speaking

Public Speaking Tips - Sound, Lights ACTION
Preparation is the Key. It's second nature to me now, like breathing out and breathing in...oops! I nearly burst into song there. Ok, here's my simple yet effective tips for getting it right on the night.

18 Feb 2009

Sandro Russo - Liszt’s Consolation no. 3 - performed on Liszt's 1862 Bechstein Piano

Play it again Sandro...

My chum, Sandro Russo, not so much tickles the ivories, more of a beautiful caress. :+>
Sandro sent me an email sharing two excerpts from a DVD he recently recorded on the historical 1862 Bechstein Piano which belonged to Franz Liszt. I in turn, wish to share it with you.
Visit Sandro's site and pleasure your ears:Sandro Russo

11 Feb 2009

Events Speaker Terry Neason Communication Video

Events Speaker, Communication Coach, Humorist and Diva... a winning combination