28 Nov 2007

Terry Neason - Nerves? Stress? Fight or Flight in Presentations BRING IT ON!

We need a little Nerves and Stress in life and business...BRING IT ON!

The next time someone makes the promise to eradicate your nerves, for when you are delivering a Speech or Presentation, think again!...We thrive on short bursts of stress and our mind and body benefits from the hormones which are released. It's even said to be good for the immune system.

A little Stress now and again does you good...so learn to control it...here's what I do when I'm nervous before I go on stage...

Controlled Breathing:
Sitting or standing; make sure you keep your shoulders down and your arms relaxed by your side; Inhale through the nose over 3 seconds, then hold for 3 seconds and then exhale slowly through the mouth/ repeat 5 times then breath normally.
This oxygenates the blood and keeps you alert , yet calm. ahhhhhhh!

General info available online:
The human body responds to stressors by activating the nervous system and specific hormones. The hypothalamus signals the adrenal glands to produce more of the hormones adrenaline and cortisol and release them into the bloodstream. These hormones speed up heart rate, breathing rate, blood pressure, and metabolism. Blood vessels open wider to let more blood flow to large muscle groups, putting our muscles on alert. Pupils dilate to improve vision. The liver releases some of its stored glucose to increase the body's energy. And sweat is produced to cool the body. All of these physical changes prepare a person to react quickly and effectively to handle the pressure of the moment.

Terry Neason - Active Listening whilst Networking

Don't yak! yak! yak!...Listen and Learn
plus a brilliant poem by Steve Kaye