9 Nov 2006

My music video from youtube

Well here's the video from youtube...though you can embed one of your own, as long as it already exists on the web. Just edit the HTML link into your post.
Handy Tip

Every time you edit your post on here and you have any video embedded, it always re-opens so don't forget to close the embed with a /embed at the end.(adding the < > where appropriate)

A very late night indeed...

I was working on some vocal tracks for a Producer friend of mine and I finally rolled home about 4am...he told me, "that's the best time to post a Youtube video"..."adds to the 'KOOL' factor" he said...och aye these young folks... what are they like!!!...so here I am...looking like a straggly posing twit. (gosh! I hope none of my business clients recognise me from this, or I'll never work again) :+>

Singing one of my own...Sheltered Love...includes a W.B.Yeats poem

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