21 Nov 2006

Star Quality Public Speaking & Presentation...Top 10 Tips

Star Quality...Top Ten Tips

Stop the crowd turning ugly

1. Always remember…Preparation is the key.

2. Refrain from drinking caffeine related liquid, as this only speeds up the nervous process and can cause the mind to race, as well as the heart.

3. Refrain from consuming dairy produce as this affects the mucous glands, and can cause you to constantly clear your throat.

4. Drink plenty of water and always have plenty on stand by.

5. Go somewhere private and warm up your voice and facial muscles.

6. Breathe deeply, evenly, and slowly for several minutes, as this not only oxygenates the blood, to keep you alert, but also helps you keep calm.

7. Go to a mirror and check out how you look, as you only have 5 seconds to make a first impression and only 90 to blow their socks off.

8. Make a positive entrance with good upright posture, as that shows confidence.

9. Make good eye contact.

10. Make them laugh, cry and sigh…and you will make them listen!

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