29 Nov 2006

Organic Food

Simply Organic...is simply the best!

I've been a Pescetarian now for over 20years......no! I'm not practicing some quaint ye-olde-Scottish religion; it means that I'm a fish eater. In certain households, it's easier to be known as a vegetarian, but that's usually for the benefit of friends who are not known for their cooking skills...simpler all round...I mean after all...you can't go far wrong with salad, pasta, rice or beans...hmm! or can you?..don't worry, I won't be naming & shaming anyone. But now you'll be able to buy these excellent meals and hopefully share them around.

Pure & Pronto Organic Food
Eureka! I'm thrilled to say, I've finally discovered an amazingly tasty range of posh nosh vegetarian TV Dinners that are good for you. They are also cheap as chips, if you pardon the expression. You can even pop them in the micro and the quality is as good as you would get in a great vegetarian restaurant. I'm also proud to announce that it's a Scottish Company run by 2 wonderful women in Edinburgh.

I highly recommend :

Mediterranean Vegetable & Bean Casserole
Mixed Bean Chilli
Moroccan Vegetable Tagine
Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables with Quinoa
Spiced Red Lentils and Vegetables
Thai Vegetable Curry with Green Lentils

Simply Organic was set up in 1998 by Christine Manson and Belinda Mitchell (Christine is on the left).

Check them out!!!
Simply Organic

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