17 Dec 2015

Heartbeat and Soul Terry Neason

Heartbeat and Soul    Terry Neason      

with Brian Prentice 

Heartbeat and Soul has 10 original songs by Terry Neason and 4 excellent covers.
Chasing Cars    Whole of The Moon    A Kiss From Wishaw Cross     August Moon

'That she is a diva there is no doubt… To say that Neason is versatile is to understate the case. She moves seamlessly from jazz to country, blues to folk...Neason is a one-woman multi-national cabaret.'
The Independent UK 

‘She has an enormously powerful voice, but one which can also be seductively soft. It grabs and engulfs you. You can’t escape. You don’t want to.’ Time Out, UK

'She has an amazing fluid voice with a range that defies physics. Rousing, Stirring, Memorable.’
The Edmonton Sun, Canada

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