17 Sep 2013

For Practice by Ivor Cutler

FOR PRACTICE by Ivor Cutler

One of favourite poems by Ivor Cutler - a bitter sweet fishy love tale. I've included this wistful poem in my one-woman shows... when people hear it, they laugh and sigh.

Also a stunning painting by Chris Rose of a soaring albatross brings the story to life.

For Practice
A Halibut fell in love with an Albatross
And tried to rub its scales against the great bird
The bird was shy and hovered
The Halibut lay in its shadow and yearned
Listened to the stinging wind as it swept at the surface
It learned the bird’s song and they sang duets
In their South Atlantic territory
Even when the sun was elsewhere
For one can sing in the dark

A man on a whaler shot the Albatross for practice
And the Halibut… ate it for a memento.

Ivor Cutler (15 January 1923 – 3 March 2006) Scottish poet, songwriter, humourist.

 Wandering Albatross
 Chris Rose: www.chrisrose-artist.co.uk

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