18 Sep 2012

Women Only Classes in London

Women Only Classes Development Training
Building Self Confidence - 1 Day Workshop
London October 6 - Saturday  

Motivational Confidence Building & Self Esteem Class - Women's Development
Join us for this feel-good event and put a smile on your face

Developing positive self esteem and expressing confidence and clear communication is key to your success, happiness and progress in life. 

Take this time to own your own little corner of the universe.

  • Women only classes are for 6 - 10 delegates
  • Venue: metroLAB, 5 Crowndale Road, Camden, London, NW1 1TU
  • Time: 11:00 - 17:00 
  • Price: £85 
  • Book online - www.MyBodyAndMe.co.uk

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